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VGE Pro HDPE 975-315 UV System


VGE Pro HDPE 975W/315 Industrial UV Water Sterilizer System with HDPE Housing and UV Control Box for the water disinfection in water treatment systems

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VGE Pro UV HDPE 975-315 Water Sterilizer

VGE Pro UV HDPE Water Sterilizer provides perfect water disinfection due to its high power and purification close to the UV lamp.

The Pro HDPE UV-C Water Sterilizer is suitable for producing safe water under difficult conditions, they have a strong ability to keep water free of algae, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Each VGE Pro UV Sterilizer has a HDPE UV reactor housing designed for the treatment of highly corrosive water such as sea water, the UV reactor length is exclusive to the UV Lamp parts and connections.

VGE Pro UV Water Disinfection Technologies have patented a Smart Pin Technology (SPT) for safe & easy lamp replacement with zero production downtime.

UV Lamps can be replaced while the system remains full of water, built in safety device to prevent harmful UVC radiation leakage.

The VGE Pro UV Purifier is equipped with a UV-C timer or smart UV controller that is compatible with a UV-C sensor and a water temperature sensor.

Low pressure amalgam UV lamps ensure high performance levels irrespective of the water temperature.  Highest quality UVC lamp with a lifetime of up to 16.000 Hours

VGE Pro HDPE UV Sterilizers are available in flows ranging from 6 m³/h up to 515 m³/h.


Each VGE Pro UV-C water disinfection system is equipped with a UV controller.

There are several options which can be combined with a suitable VGE Pro unit and several other options like a temperature sensor and a flow switch, the main functions of the UV Control Unit are,


ModBus connection, analog 4 – 20 mA signal, via potential free contacts and via the HMI. By using these options the control of your disinfection process is easy and efficient


Depending on the selected control units several control features are available for an optimal and efficient disinfection result.

Also options as lamp power adjustment, remote control and communication are available for some control units.


When there is no water flow in the UV treatment chamber while the UV lamp is powered, temperatures in the UV Sterilizer reactor can reach a dangerous levels.

Selecting the optimal temperature sensor with the UV Smart Controller you are able to monitor temperatures within the Ultraviolet treatment chamber.

Once the limit has been reached the system will automatically shut down and the alarm will be activated.


Depending on the water treatment application, certain UV-C intensity requirements must be acknowledged for a reliable disinfection result.

The resultant UV intensity is influenced by the natural aging of the UVC lamp, chemical & bio fouling of the quartz sleeve from changes in the inflow water quality.

VGE Pro HDPE UV Sterilizers can optionally be supplied with a UV Intensity sensor to monitor the UV-C intensity inside the UV purifier reactor.


A flow-switch can be connected to the UV Control Monitor, its function is to switch off the UV Disinfection Unit when there is no flow of water through the UV chamber.

This prevents premature malfunctioning of the UV Water Treatment System.

VGE Pro HDPE 975-315 UV Water Sterilizer

  • Complete 975W Industrial UV Sterilizer System 975W with HDPE Housing
  • Max Pressure: 6 Bar
  • Connections: 6 “(DN150)
  • Max Flow Rate: 263m3/hour (263 000L / Hour)
  • UV Reactor Diameter: 315mm
  • UV Reactor Length: 1630mm
  • UV Reactor Shape: U
  • UV-C Lamp Power: 3x 325 Watt (975 Watt)
  • UV Lamp Lifetime: up to 16000 Hours
  • UV-C Controller: ModBus connection, analogue 4 – 20 mA signal, via the HMI
  • Applications: Agriculture, Seawater, Ultrapure Water, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Process Water


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