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Seko Probe Holder


Seko Insert Probe Holder for Connecting the Chemical Dosing Probe to Pipework

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Seko Insert Probe Holder

Pressurised probe holders are used to immerse the probe directly into the pipe where the sample to be measured passes. The probe must always be positioned vertically or slanting in the direction of the flow at a maximum of 45°. The probe holder connection line must be fitted between two isolation valves (input and output) in order to permit the prevention of the flow during maintenance of the probes.

Sensor Probe Holder
  • Connection process 1/2” G.m.
  • Probes connection PG 13,5 or Ø 12 mm
  • Temperature 0 – 60°C
  • Pressure 0 – 7 bar
  • Material PVC


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