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Seko PH Probe Sensor SPH2


Seko PH Probe Sensor for PH Correction in Water Treatment Applications

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Seko SPH2 PH Probe

pH measurement are important in many processes. There is almost none where the pH value does not play a dominant role.

All biological processes depend on the activity of enzymes because they show a pH optimum and lose their functionality if the pH is too low or too high. The pH value is measured in most processes using a glass electrode. This pH glass forms a thin gel layer in aqueous solutions that is highly selective to H ions. The pH dependent potential of the gel layer is measured against a built-in reference electrode with a constant potential.

This reference electrode may be a silver wire in contact with solid silver chloride or a calomel electrode. In general, the pH value is a measure of the acidity or the basicity of an aqueous solution. In technical terms, pH is the negative logarithm of the activity of the solvated protons H . It’s mostly explained as the measure of the proton concentration which is correct for dilute aqueous solutions.

Seko SPH-2 PH Sensor Features

  • Measuring range 2 – 12 pH
  • Process temperature 0 – 60 °C
  • Pressure range (relative to ambient) 0 – 6 Bar
  • Body material Plastic ; pH Glass ;
  • Pellon PTFE diaphragm high accuracy
  • S8 connector (PG13,5 mm mechanical and S7 electrical)
  • Single junction with KCL Gel
  • Low maintenance sealed unit with gel filled reference cell suitable for waste water, drinking water, cooling towers and irrigation.


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