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Seko ORP Reddox Probe Sensor


Seko ORP Probe Sensor for Chemical Dosing in Water Purification Applications

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Seko SRH1 ORP Probe

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a common measurement in biochemistry, environmental chemistry and water quality.

For water system monitoring, the ORP value provides the operator with a rapid and single value assessment of the disinfection potential of water in the post-harvest system. This enables the operator to assess the activity of the applied disinfectant rather than the applied dose.

ORPs in aqueous solutions are determined by measuring the potential difference between an inert sensing electrode in contact with the solution and a stable reference electrode. The reference electrode is connected to the solution by a salt bridge. It has a known potential and is made of silver chloride or saturate calomel. Platinum is mostly used for the sensing electrode.

The Oxygen-Reduction Potential, also known as Redox Potential describes the tendency of a chemical species or a solution to acquire electrons and therefore to be reduced. Each species has its own reduction potential. It is measured in Volts (V) or mV.

Seko SRH-1 ORP Sensor Features

  • Measuring range ±1000 mV
  • Process temperature 0 – 60 °C
  • Pressure range (relative to ambient) 0 – 6 Bar
  • Body material Plastic; ORP element Pt-wire
  • Ceramic diaphragm high accuracy
  • Connection 6 or 1.5 meter cable with BNC and boot plastic cover
  • Single and double junction with KCL Gel
  • Low maintenance sealed unit with gel filled reference cell suitable for general laboratory, swimming pools and water monitoring and control plan.


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