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Seko Kompact AMS200 Analogue Dosing Pump EPDM-FPM


Seko Kompact AMS200 Manual Dosing Pump 
Seko Kompact Analogue Dosing Pumps for Chemical Dosing in Water Treatment Systems

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Seko Kompact Dosing Pump

A versatile and multi model chemical dosing solution within the SEKO solenoid dosing pumps range, the wall mount Compact Dosing Pumps are ideal for cost crucial water purification applications with smaller delivery requirements such as chemical dosing systems for reverse osmosis systems.

With energy efficiency features the Seko Compact chemical dosing pump range is a stabilised multi power supply, with the ability to draw the precise quantity of power required to activate the dosing pump. Optimising efficiency and ensuring power supply fluctuations do not affect the dosing pumps performance.

The Kompact Dosing Pumps are manufactured with superior components, including ceramic ball valves, PTFE diaphragm and PVDF-T pump head with PVDF as an option. This ensures exceptional chemical compatibility with wetted components for outstanding life expectancy and reduced maintenance requirement.

Seko Kompact Dosing Pump

Consistent flow rate, manually adjustable, with proportional flow rate according the pH measurement

  • Programmable via the keypad and features a two-line x eight-digit backlit display
  • The dosing pump head has a manual priming valve
  • Flow rate programmed manually or automatically via the signal input, adjustable from 0 (pump stop) to 100% of the max flow rate
  • Comes with a low-level alarm


  • Adjustable constant and proportional flow rates to suit application
  • Password protection for added security (digital models)
  • Programmable timer for regular dosing
  • Multi-colour LED status system simplifies pump monitoring
  • Level control input ensures pump does not run dry
  • Five-year guarantee


  • Flow rate: up to 5 l/h
  • Pressure: up to 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Stroke rate: up to 160 strokes/minute
  • Wetted part materials: PVDF-T, PTFE, EPDM, FPM and ceramic
  • Power supply: 100–240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Ingress protection: IP65

What is a Dosing Pump?

A dosing pump is a relatively small pump that falls within the positive displacement pump category. Meaning that a dosing pump is designed to pump a chemical or fluid at a very precise flow rate into a water feed, there are numerous ways that it does this but the most common involves drawing a specific amount chemical or fluid into the dosing pump chamber then discharged by injecting the liquid into the pipe or tank being dosed.

Dosing pumps are used in various industries including water purification, agriculture, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other industrial applications. But which dosing pump suites your requirements?

Dosing Pump How to?

A dosing pump can have various specifications and functions, let’s take a look at the basic fundamentals of dosing pump systems to help you understand if it is the right dosing pump for your application. All the different types involve taking that measured amount of chemical and then dosing it into the vessel or pipe.

There are a few key parts to a dosing system:

  1. Chemical Dosing Tank: this is the storage tank for the product being dosed
  2. Foot Valve: this is a one way valve that is connected to the dosing pump suction line on the dosing tank of the product to allow the dosing pump to stay primed. The dosing pump foot valve has weights on it to keep it at the bottom or occasionally a float to bring it to the top of the dosing tank
  3. Dosing Pump: this is made from chemical resistant plastic such as PVDF or PE, stainless steel or rubber with a suction line attached to the inlet and the dosing or injection line attach to the discharge
  4. Dosing Pipe: is made from rigid PVC or Polyethylene tube, sometimes with a reinforced hose. It may also be stainless steel if the dosing pump is for hot water or super high-pressure applications
  5. Injector: the device where the chemical is injected into the feed water line, the dosing injector has a one way valve that allows the dosing pumps discharge of the correct amount of chemical into the line
  6. Control System: is to allow an accurate dosing amount and to activate the dosing pump, not all dosing pumps are equipped with them. Aqua Filtration can build a dosing pump control box to suit specific dosing requirements.


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