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Seko Chlorine Probe Sensor FCL


Seko Chlorine Probe Sensor for Chlorine Dosing in Water Treatment Systems

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Seko Chlorine Probe

Chlorine is an important chemical in water purification, in disinfectants and bleach products. Chlorine is also used widely in the manufacture of many products and items directly or indirectly, i.e. in paper product production, antiseptic, dyestuffs, food, insecticides, paints, petroleum products, plastics, medicines, textiles, solvents, and many other consumer products.

Free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or total chlorine (incl. chloramines) are usually measured to monitor and control the disinfection of drinking water, reuse water or pool water. When chlorine is added to water, it reacts with organic materials and metals, forming combined chlorine. Because combined chlorine is not available for disinfection, this effect is called the chlorine demand of the water.

Free chlorine

Refers to chlorine that is present as hypochlorous acid (HOCl) or the hypochlorite (OCl–) ion. For applications where the free chlorine concentration is critical for disinfection, the most robust measurement technique is the use of an amperometric free chlorine sensor.


Sensor for the measurement of free inorganic chlorine with open measuring cell, 4 – 20 mA output and integrated automatic temperature compensation. Guaranteed precision and short response time control thanks to active amperometric measurement. Suitable for the measurement of free inorganic chlorine at high pressure (up to 8 bar). Ideal for drinking water, waste water treatment, process water and swimming pool. Also seawater.

Chlorine dioxide

Is a neutral chlorine compound. One of the most important qualities of chlorine dioxide is its high-water solubility, especially in cold water. Chlorine dioxide is approximately 10 times more soluble in water than chlorine. It is not affected by pH and has an excellent residual effect remaining active for hours to days. It does not interact with ammonia or ammonium.

Chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective disinfection methods measurements in the water industry today. These measurements ensure effective use of chlorine dioxide for disinfection purposes as well as other applications. Under dosage can be ineffective and over dosage results in excess Chlorite by product formation. It is extremely effective in controlling legionella.


  • Measuring range 0 – 1 ppm/ 0 – 5 ppm/ 0 – 10 ppm
  • pH range 1 – 9
  • Process temperature 0 – 50° C/ 0 – 70° C
  • Pressure range 0 – 8 bar
  • Flow rate range approx. 30 l/h
  • Body material PVC-U, PEEK ; Electrode Gold ; Membrane PTFE
  • Cable not included ; Connection 2-pole terminal



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