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Maddox Iron Removal Filter Media 40KG


Maddox Filter Media (40KG) for the Removal of of Aluminium, Iron, Manganese & Arsenic, Hydrogen Sulphide, Reactive Silica from Water.

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Maddox Iron and Manganese Removal Filter Media

Maddox Filter Media is used in Water Filtration and Water Purification Applications

Maddox Granular Manganese Catalyst Water Filtration Media for the use in the removal of Aluminium, Iron, Manganese & Arsenic, Hydrogen Sulphide, Reactive Silica from water.

Maddox was developed by African Pegmatite over ten years to remove carbon dioxide, sulphides, chlorides, metals, and other materials from water sources. This customized water filtration media is a smelted blend of manganese dioxide and granulated green sand and eliminates the need for other water treatment systems.

What is Maddox Manganese Greensand Filter Media?

Maddox manganese greensand filter media is formulated from Manganese ore and activated in a special proprietary furnace which has the capabilities of removing iron, manganese, aluminium salts, tannins, chlorides and hydrogen sulfide from water sources via oxidation and filtration. Soluble iron, manganese and heavy metals are oxidized and precipitated by contact with the higher oxides of manganese on the maddox filter media granules. Hydrogen sulfide is eliminated by oxidation to sulfate and an insoluble precipitate. Precipitates are then filtered and removed by backwashing.

When the oxidizing capacity power of the Maddox filter bed is saturated, the bed can be regenerated if required with a weak potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution or hypo CaCl2O3 thus restoring the oxidizing capabilities of the Maddox greensand filtration media bed. Potassium permanganate, in 1.75 – 3.5% solution is used to regenerate the Maddox manganese removal filter media bed. It is recommended to regenerate the filter media bed for at least 1 hour after which to vigorously backwash for a few minutes until the permanganate colour is removed, when the system is placed in service and before the oxidation capacity is totally exhausted.

New research has revealed that Maddox Iron removal filter media can continuously be regenerated with the use of low and medium intensity U/V Lamps a minimum generation of 3gms of oxygen and 2gms of ozone per hour, the wattage is dependant on water volumes. Some Maddox water treatment installations just use an air scour.

Notes: It is important that Maddox iron and manganese reduction water filter media has suitable under-bedding and attention must be taken in the configuration of the filtration media bed depths and contact surface area. Iron oxidised particles, and in particular smaller manganese particles generated as a result of its oxidation, should be effectively filtered downstream from the treated water at between 1-5 microns, by means of a multi-media filter or equivalent.

How does Maddox Filter Media work?

Maddox water filtration media is available in a finer grade (-1 0.3mm) for the removal of dissolved salts of metals (Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Uranium and a plethora of non-metallic salts) at various efficiencies, as well as chloride salts to some degree. It’s standard practice when using Maddox filtration media to oxidise upstream incoming raw water with chlorine gas, sodium/calcium hypochlorite, ozone and potassium permanganate. Pre-oxidation in conjunction with a Maddox iron and manganese water purification system will convert metallic salts into suspended solids timeously filtered out any suspended solids thereby the reduction in turbidity. High turbidity could necessitate frequent backwashing therefore filter size is an important consideration.

Maddox Manganese Greensand Specifications

  • Attrition loss per year in %: 3 – 5%
  • Raw water pH: 5.2 – 9.6
  • Bed depth: 300 – 800mm depending on water characteristics
  • Freeboard in %: 35 – 5
  • Service flow rate in cubes/hour sq metre: 12 – 15 (18 – 24 intermittent flow possible)
  • Backwash flow rate in cubes/hour sq metre: 30 – 50 (30 – 50 cubes/hour depending on media configuration)
  • Maximum temperature raw water in ºC: 70ºC
  • Maximum parts limit in ppm: Fe 3 / Mn 3 : tested to 100mgs/litre 98% efficiency
  • Relative Density (S.G): 3.78mt/cm3
  • Removal Oxidizing Capacity: 20 gms/litre Fe per litre of Maddox or 1.85kgs
  • Break through point: 95% efficiency

Maddox Manganese Greensand Physical Properties

  • Colour: Black
  • Dry Bulk Density: 1850kg/m3
  • Effective size in mm (approx.): D10 0.25mm, 0.7mm, 1.3mm, 3.3mm
  • Uniformity coefficient D60 / D10: 1.6
  • Mesh sizes in mm: 0.3 – 1mm, 1 – 3mm

Maddox Filter Media Features

  • Extremely hard and durable in a wide pH range
  • Elevates the pH of water
  • Increases the oxidation of difficult metallic salts to suspended solids
  • Reportedly effective after more than 12 years
  • Efficacy drops to 60% after as many as eight years
  • Eliminates the need for pre lime treatment of sodium and potassium hypochlorite
  • Automatically oxidizes colloidal metal salts
  • Functions in saline waters and sea waters
  • Removes up to 28% chloride in sweet waters


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