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F63B Automatic Softener Valve 4000 lph with 2.5″ Base


Automatic Softener Head – Water Softener Valve – F63B- 1″ Female Ports – 2.5″ Base – 4000L Per Hour

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Automatic Softener Valves

Runxin Automatic Water Softener Valves is programed to drive the motor from the control valves core, the automatic softener valve works with a time signal, flow volume signal or outlet water quality to backwash and regenerate.

Programmable time signal to automatically read the exchange of functions such as backwash, brine, slow rinse, brine refill and fast rinse.

  • LED display screen display. The function on the screen flashes, indicating the control valve is use.
  • 72 Hours power outage memory
  • You can set the rinsing frequency
  • Two kinds of time clock displays: by hours or by days
  • Keys are locked when no inputs for 1 minute
  • Has interlocking functions
  • Has a signal output connection
  • Has a remote handling input connection
  • Pressure relief connector ready
  • All filtration functions can be programed according to the requirements

Suitable for a broad range of water purification applications such as domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal.

F63B Automatic Water Softener Valve


  • Water Pressure : 0.15—0.6MPa
  • Water Temperature : 5℃-50℃
  • Transformer Voltage : 12V DC, 1.5A
  • Water Turbidity : Down Flow Regeneration <5FTU
  • Inlet/Outlet : 1″F
  • Drain Outlet : 1/2″F
  • Brine Connector : 3/8”M
  • Base : 2.5″-8NPSM
  • Riser Pipe : 1.05″OD
  • Max Flow Rate : 4 m3/h
  • Suitable Tank Size (in) : 6″~18″


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