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Etatron Chlorine Probe Sensor


Etatron Chlorine Probe Sensor for Chemical Dosing Pumps in Water Purification Systems

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Etatron Dosing Measuring Probes

Aqua Filtration provides a range of pH, Redox and chlorine probes compatible with a broad range of chemical dosing systems. Robust and accurate, Etatron probes are the ultimate choice for measuring and regulating your dosing system.


  • Probes suitable for a number of measuring parameters for all dosing systems
  • Available probes include pH, Redox, Amperometric Chlorine (PPM), Conductivity, Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid
  • Probe options to suit a number of operating temperatures
  • Multiple options for probe body material to suit all
  • Available with integrated cables or separate cables

Etatron Chlorine Probe Sensor

These sensors measure a change in current caused by the chemical reduction of hypocholorous acid (HOCl) at the cathode. The current flow of this reduction is proportional to the chlorine available. A membrane and electrolyte help to control the reaction

  • Either 0-2 or 0-20 ppm measuring ranges
  • Options for free chlorine or total chlorine measurement
  • Low pH dependence
  • Requires constant flow of 30-40 L/H
  • Maximum working pressure of 1 Bar


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