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50GPD Domestic Reverse Osmosis System – With Pump – Smart


50 GPD Domestic Reverse Osmosis System Smart Series for Home Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water


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Domestic Reverse Osmosis CG-H Smart Series

A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System fulfils the process of water passing through a semi-permeable RO Membrane in order to balance the concentration of contaminants on each side of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

The Reverse Osmosis Membrane acts as a barrier that will allow the pass of certain substances such as pure water, but not others such as sodium chloride and minerals. The reverse osmosis application uses a RO Membrane and by applying pressure across the membrane, it concentrates unwanted minerals on the waste side of the membrane, producing pure clean water on the permeate side of the membrane.

A Reverse Osmosis System produces both clean drinking water and waste water that is flushed from the system.

Our drinking water domestic reverse osmosis systems comprise of a Five Stage RO configuration, which is based upon five separate treatment stages within one complete RO Water Purification System.

The 5 stages are:

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter Cartridge, Replace 6 months.

The first stage of the Reverse Osmosis unit is a 5um (five micron) sediment filter that removes sediment and other particulate matter like dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water.

Stage 2 – Carbon Block Filter Cartridge, Replace 6 months.

The second stage is a carbon block filter (CTO). This ensures that chlorine and other materials that cause bad taste and odour are removed.

Stage 3 – Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter Cartridge, Replace 6 months

The third stage is a GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filter. Granular Activated Carbon has superior absorption characteristics and effectively reduces the turbidity, chlorine, colloidal chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC) from water.

Stage 4- Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Replace 1-2 years.

Stage four is the heart of the RO system, the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element. This semi permeable RO membrane removes salts, minerals, metals, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and many more contaminants found in water. The process of extracting the high quality RO drinking water is quite slow, our RO water treatment systems are equipped with a plastic or steel storage tank.

Stage 4- Post RO Carbon Filter (In-Line), replace 12 months.

The Post RO Carbon Filter is a powder activated carbon (PAC) cartridge made with coconut shell carbon. This filter provides final water polishing and ensures great tasting RO drinking water. Just because you cannot taste it, does not mean that it is not there. Contaminants such as lead, chromium, VOC’s and arsenic are undetectable to the taste. Additionally, over time if you do not replace the filter elements, other bad tastes and odours will be apparent in your drinking water. This is why it is important to change out your filters at the recommended intervals as indicated above.


  • The new technology twist-lock filter cartridges or quick change filter cartridges have a built-in no flow valve that allows you the convenience of removing and replacing parts without shutting off the water. Easy twist filter cartridges to remove or lock them in place.
  • 5 Stage Quick Change Filter Configuration
  • High Pressure RO Pump Silent Operation
  • Elegant Design with One-click front opening design, for Easier Accessibility
  • LED/LCD Screen Options
  • Water Purifier/RO System/Sprayer Multi Functions
  • Luxury Chrome Faucet
  • Rotatable Filters (Disposable Quick Change)
  • Patented Check Valve Configuration, No Need to Switch off Water while Replacing Filters.
  • No Water Spillage when Changing Filters
  • Simple Composition Domestic Reverse Osmosis System.
  • Easy Installation, Diagram Included in Box.
  • Good Quality Drinking Water


  • Model: CG-Smart Domestic RO System (With Pump)
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Output: 50GPD
  • Pressure: <40psi
  • Input TDS: <1000
  • Dimension: H41.5 x W30 x D22(cm)
  • Weight: 6KG


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