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3672 FRP Filter Media Vessel Amtec DN80 (1070L)


3672 FRP Fiberglass Water Filter Media Vessel – DN80 Opening – 1070 L Volume

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FRP Filter Media Vessels

Aqua Filtration supplies a broad range of FRP Fibreglass Filter Media Pressure Tanks that meet industry standards with the most efficient and effective water filtration technology. FRP Pressure Tank type water filters can clarify water by the removal of colours & tannins, hardness, sediment, turbidity, iron, bad tastes and smells and various other water problems.

FRP Media Vessels are used in a number of water treatment and water purification applications such as domestic, industrial, municipal and agricultural. Aqua Filtrations FRP Media Vessels are reinforced and designed with no welded seams or joints in the vessels liner to eliminate any leaks. FRP Media Vessel Liners are resistant to chemicals and corrosion.


  • Frp Media Vessel Tank Liner: Polyethylene (PE) seamless one-piece tank liner
  • FRP Vessel Covering: Continuous strands of fibre-glass with high strength epoxy resin
  • Bottom Base: PP round or FRP reinforced tripod base
  • Opening: 2.5″ & 4″ precision injected model with threaded opening for 6 ” to 36″ diameter tanks
  • Opening: 6 “Aluminium flange (anti-corrosion coating) opening for 36″ to 72” diameter tanks
  • NSF Certified
  • Operating Pressure 150PSI
  • Bursting Pressure 600PSI
  • HDPP Threaded insert made from 30% glass filled Polypropylene for ultimate strength
  • FRP Vessels Available Sizes 844-3672

FRP Pressure Tank Applications

  • All potable water and waste water purification applications, including multi-media water filter, water softener, granular activated carbon filtration and sand filters, industrial water treatment with multi-layer media.
  • Centralised Water Filtration System for high rise residential and commercial buildings such as household, high rise buildings, office blocks, hotels and resorts.
  • Aquaculture, fish farming filtration system
  • Many other water filtration and treatment applications.
  • Widely used in factory, Enterprises, government, hotel, motel, restaurant, residence as storage facility, drinking water treatment and fire water supply.

3672 FRP Media Vessel (FRP Pressure Vessel)


  • Pressure Vessel Size: 36”Diameter x 72” Length
  • Media Vessel Volume: 1023L
  • Weight: 65KG
  • Opening: 6” Flange
  • FRP Vessel Base: Tripod
  • Dimensions: 1920mm x 932mm
  • Max Pressure: 10 Bar (150Psi)
  • Max Temperature: 45’ C
  • FRP Vessel Manufacturer: Canature, Pentair & Amtec


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