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2540 Membrane Housing – Desalination – (1000 PSI ) – End Entry


2.5” FRP RO Desalination Membrane Housing 1000-E

Model FL25-1000E

  • End Entry Configuration
  • Design Pressure: 1000PSI (69Bar)
  • Accommodates standard make 2540 Membrane Element
  • Inlet / Brine Ports: ¼ “ RC
  • Permeate Ports: ¼ “ RC
  • Dimensions: 1106mm L x 74mm D

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FRP Pressure Vessel RO Membrane Housings

A FRP Pressure Vessel or known as a RO Membrane housing is a pressure vessel used for loading Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Elements in a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System. The two most commonly used types of RO Membrane Pressure Vessels used in RO water treatment applications are, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and SS (Stainless Steel). In recent years, there are more reverse osmosis water purification systems that have favoured the use of FRP RO membrane housings, due to the high pressure handling capabilities of the FRP Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing, chemical resistance to corrosion and the operating temperatures.

Fiberglass Reinforced Pressure (FRP) Vessel RO Membrane Housings are available in various pressure ratings up to 82 Bar, different diameters (2.5” – 4” – 8”), different lengths (1-6 Element) and are suitable for a variety of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment applications including Tap Water, Brackish Ground Water, Seawater, Municipal Water Treatment, Industrial Processing Water, Electronics Manufacturing, Demineralised Ultra – Pure Water, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals.

First Line RO Membrane Housings (FRP)

First Line Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housings are designed to provide long-term trouble-free water purification operations, with minimal plant down time and improved running costs. First Line FRP RO Pressure vessels have been built to provide a safe operation with a long service life ensuring a good quality product water from a reverse osmosis water treatment system.

First Line FRP Pressure Vessels are compliant with ASME(Sec X), CE, NSF(61), SGS and ISO9000 certifications, offering a broad product line for FRP RO Membrane Housings including 2.5″,4″,8″,16” diameters, 1-8 membrane elements, 300-2000psi operating pressure and various entry / exit ports (Side Port – End Port). First Line RO Membrane Housings are manufactured with state of the art equipment, engineered for high quality RO Pressure Vessel Solutions.


  • Operating Temp Range: -10°C – 49°C
  • Testing Pressure Standard: 1.5x Design Pressure
  • Testing Pressure ASME: 1.1x Design Pressure
  • Permeate Port not to Exceed 125PSI(0.88MPa)
  • Operating pH Range: 3 – 11
  • Chemical Cleaning pH Range: 2 – 12 (less than 30 minutes)
  • To be operated in accordance with the User Guide


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