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12x55W UV Quartz Thimble (660W)


12x 55W UV Quartz Thimble Set for a 660W Industrial UV System. UV Quartz Sleeves seal and protect the UV Sterilizer Lamp from water flowing through the system

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12x 55W UV Quartz Thimble for 660W UV System

A UV Quartz Sleeve is an essential part of a UV Sterilizer system, it seals and protects the UV Disinfection Lamp from any water flowing through the UV system.

UV Systems are designed to withstand pressures of up to 7 Bar so the selection of the correct UV Quartz Sleeve for the application is vital.

There are a variety of standard quartz sleeves and jackets that can be applied to a range of UV-C Germicidal lamp types, including standard, high output (HO), and amalgam systems.

The T5 UV Germicidal Lamp is most commonly used with domestic UV sterilizers, the most suitable Quartz Sleeve for the T5 UV Lamp is open on one end and closed on the other.

The T5 Quartz Sleeve is made from Virgin Quartz Sand and has a high polished surface finish to allow the maximum Ultraviolet Rays to pass through the Quartz Sleeve.

UV Quartz Sleeve 55W x4 Replacement Set for 220W UV System

55W UV Quartz Thimble Sleeve Specifications

  • UV Lamp Compatibility: 55 Watt T5 (1x Open End)
  • Quartz Sleeve Length: 970mm
  • Quarts Sleeve ID: 20mm


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