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12x UV 55W Bulb Set (660W)


UV 55W Bulb T555 (4 Pin UV Adaptor) also known as a Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp or UV Bulb for the disinfection of water in a 660W UV Sterilizer System

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UV 55W Bulb x10 Set for 660 Watt UV System

T5 UV LAMPS are single ended UV-C germicidal lamps that are used in professional water and air disinfection systems.

The 16 mm diameter of the UV Sterilizer Lamp allows for the design of small UV Disinfection systems and design flexibility.

T5 Germicidal UV lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of water sterilization and high UV system efficiency.

It’s recommended that the lamps in a UV Sterilizer System should be replaced periodically ( /- 8000 hrs) for optimal disinfection performances.

UV 55W Bulb Specifications

  • UV Lamp Type: T555 UV
  • UV Bulb Power: 55 W
  • UV Lamp Diameter: 16mm
  • UV Lamp Length: 950 mm
  • UV Lamp Hours: 8000
  • Flow Rate @ 30mj/cm2: 12GPM


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