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10x 55 Watt Electronic Ballast


55 Watt Electronic Ballast for T5 UV Lamps, Electronic UV Ballast for 550W UV System with LED Lamp Status Indicator for performance control of Ultra-Violet Bulbs

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10x 55 Watt Electronic Ballast for 550 Watt UV 

There an extensive line of UV ballasts, covering a wide range of UV germicidal lamps.

Selecting the correct ballast is essential to the UV Sterilizer system as the Ultra-Violet performance is dependent on the interaction between the UV-C lamp and ballast.

Just like elements on an electrical circuit, UV Sterilizer Lamps are referred to as “active” elements because they accumulate harmonic and transient voltages and currents.

They exhibit strange characteristics as the voltage decreases while the current increases a process is known as negative AC resistance.

An electronic UV ballast is an important component on a UV Disinfection System because gas discharge devices, such as germicidal lamps, are inherently unstable.

Once the light is lit, the current increases without limit unless other circuit elements such as ballasts are used to balance and maintain efficiency in operation.

55 Watt Electronic Ballast Specifications

  • UV Lamp Power: 55 Watt T555
  • Input Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz
  • In Max: 0.15 A
  • U-Out: 350V


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