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100PSI 1 Bag Filter Housing – PVC


PVC Bag Filter Housing 100Psi (Single Bag)

  • Material of Construction: uPVC
  • Connections: DN50 (Flange)
  • Flow Configuration: Side Entry – Bottom Out
  • Lid Type: Bolt On
  • Bag Type: PP Single Length
  • Max Pressure Rating: 100PSI (6.9 Bar)
  • Bag Size: (7”) 178mm x (17”) 419mm

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PVC Bag Filter Housings

HXP PVC Bag Filter Systems are widely used in water filtration systems. The PVC Bag Filter is characterised with high precision, durable design, large fluid flow rates, and excellent mechanical filtration properties. PVC Bag Filters are easy to install and maintain changing bag filters has never been more convenient. A PVC Bag Filter System consists of a PVC Housing, bag filter support basket and a bag filter. Bag Filter technologies are suitable for the use in Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants, Cosmetic Industry, Chemical Manufacturing and Borehole Water Purification Applications. Bag Filters are available in PVC and Stainless Steel materials, double or single length configurations, the filter bags are available in 0.5 – 200um (Micron) sizes.

HXP PVC Bag Filter Housing Characteristics:

  • UPVC material of construction excellent corrosion resistance.
  • A unique seal system for improved safety.
  • Designed to prevent the bag filter from plunging into the support basket causing inner seepage.
  • Neat design and compact internal structure.
  • High filtration efficiency of filter
  • PVC Bag Filters are cost competitive compared to Stainless Steel Bag Filters.


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