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Low PH Water (Acidity)

Low PH Water has a value of 7.0 or less, is considered Acidic Water. Acidity in water, is one of the most common causes of corrosion.

Low PH water causes a number of water problems. These include:

  • Corrosion of Fixtures
  • Plumbing Issues, such as pinhole leaks
  • Corrosion of copper piping, which causes blue staining
  • Corrosion of iron piping which causes rust colored staining

While low pH water is great for household or potable (drinking) use, it tends to be low in buffering calcium minerals, contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas, thereby causing acidic conditions from the low pH levels.

Beyond the damaging impact of corrosive piping as a whole, without appropriately treating the water, it is very easy for your water to be contaminated by piping, fixtures and appliances, with:

Low PH Water is treated by neutralizing the water, by installing an automatic neutralizer water filter.

Carbon tanks are filled with a blend of magnesium and calcium carbonates; both of which are made from naturally occurring minerals. These minerals dissolve into the water, improving the alkanity and making your water less corrosive.

Topping up mineral tanks, is quick and easy. Most household applications, where Low PH in water is a problem, only need to add more mineral once a year. The automatic neutralizer water filter, also removes sediment and small amounts of iron.

In cases where the dissolved carbon dioxide is not the reason for the Low PH in your water, the acidity is most likely being caused by mineral acids. Mineral acids tend to either be natural, or from industrial and mining waste.

In this scenario, the pH tends to be less than 5.0. Treating this type of water problem, requires the use of a soda ash feeder and in some cases an injection of sodium hydroxide.

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