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Chlorine in Water (The facts)

Chlorine in water is a reality in today’s modern municipal water system, in fact, it is a true modern-day miracle. However, the reality is, we would not be able to drink the municipal water supply, if chlorination or similar water disinfection methods were not deployed. Chlorination is thought to deactivate or destroy disease-producing organisms by disrupting their microbial RNA and DNA.

Chlorination also dramatically improves water quality, as a result of the reaction of chlorine with ammonia, manganese, iron and organic substances, thereby allowing the filtration and sedimentation processes to work correctly.

However, chlorine does have some adverse health effects, many consumers who access a chlorinated water supply, prefer to remove the chlorine taste and odors from their drinking water.

For most consumers, chlorine is an aesthetic issue, and drinking dechlorinated water or chlorine-reduced water is tastier and more pleasant to bath, shower and wash with.

Unfortunately, chlorinated water can cause bad allergic reactions when there is chlorine in water. As a result, consumers who have a sensitive skin will potentially notice the following reactions:

  • Red Skin
  • Skin Rashes
  • Irritated, inflamed skin

Phenols and organic compounds in water can sometimes be intensified after chlorinating. Chloroforms can be formed, and are potentially carcinogenic. These chloro-organic compounds are strictly regulated.

When ammonia is present in the water being treated, or if it is added as part of the water treatment process, the compounds form chloramines, which can have dire effects on your aquatic life.

Chlorine in water is commonly removed using Activated Carbon, and certain other catalytic media, as necessary or desired. It is important to take care that the device removing the chlorine, as well as the down-stream piping does not become infected with bacteria.

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